The movie "Aramis Adventure"

Japanese title
French title
"L'aventure d'Aramis"
Running Time
55 minutes
Kunihiko Yûyama
Gakken, NHK Enterprise
Adaptation Scenario
Yasuo Tanami (Jack Production)
Character Design
Singo Ozaki
Kouhei Tanaka
Animation Work Director
Hattsuki Tsuji
Studios d'Animation

Summary from the magazine Animeland n°77 (december 2001)

The film of Anime San Jûshi, the Adventure of Aramis, begins on the meeting between Franccedil;ois and this woman from character. This one was projected with ground by its horse, frightened by the shot of the gentleman who drove out the stag. Both fall under the charm as of the first glance and their beautiful and dramatic history of love can begin. It is learned there that Aramis name was Lunette at the time, charming!
One year after the events of the series, Aramis comes to pray on the tomb of the late one. Now that she is avenged, she took again ladies garments, but they are less frivolous than in the time of happiness. She meets Daniel, that which could have been her father-in-law, and learns from his mouth of new secrets.
Back in Paris, she finds her friends in a tavern where a young woman is made attack by the guards of the Cardinal, carried out by Jussac. Neither nor two, our musketeers can be prevented from intervening, the sight of the red tunics exciting them such of the bulls. Little later after the scuffle, D'Artagnan finds the young woman whom he imagines about to commit suicide and brings back her unconscious to Constance. Escaping, she goes to take a message dissimulated under a bridge and finishes stabbed by a mysterious mask... D'Artagnan is then stopped by Rochefort, and Aramis, découvrant that the history has a relationship with Catherine de Médicis, launches out in the investigation. This one will bring back her to the castle of her beloved where she will have to face Pizzaro, itself, to protect a dangerous document.
This movie is much better realised than the series TV, with a more required and fluid animation (the combat with the swords are very alive), of the characters to the design more worked (better worked shades, costumes (primarily female) more complicated and thus more credible, detailed decorations). In short, it is very pleasant to look at, even if its rather short running time (45 minutes) prevents from developing an extraordinary scenario. It results an impression that it is more a very beautiful episode than a full-length film. It is obvious that it is not with the height of other cinematographic productions, nevertheless, the fan of the series TV will be very happy to see a new adventure where its heroes are well drawn and who preserves the strong points of the series: romanticism, humour and mystery.

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