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The Diamond tags of the Queen The Iron Mask
1 Paris where an elephant was
In a small village of Gascogne, D' Artagnan and the son of a count dispute about the largest animal of the world. To prove that he does not lie, D' Artagnan decides to leave to Paris to seek this animal, which is an elephant. Arrived to Paris, he meets a little boy called Jean.
2 Letter from London
Constance, the chambermaid of the Queen, must carry a secret letter intended for the duke of Buckingham. But she falls into a trap tended by Milady, spy of the Cardinal of Richelieu.
3 Three musketeers in Paris
D' Artagnan decided to become musketeer to be closer of Constance, the chambermaid of the Queen. On the way leading it to Mr de Tréville, supervised by Milady, he meets the ones after the others, the 3 musketeers. Milady is arranged each time to cause a duel between the young Gascon and the musketeers.
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4 D'Artagnan the bathwater
In order to gain a little money to live, D'Artagnan and Jean become bathwaters. Whereas they traverse the streets in the search of customers, they pass beside the house of Aramis, which invites them to take a bath. It is during this bath that Jean discovers that Aramis is actually a woman.
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5 Loveletter's trap
The Duke of Buckingham came secretly from England to meet the Queen Anne. But he falls in a trap organized by the Cardinal. D'Artagnan rescues him with the help of his friends musketeers.
6 Escape from Paris
D'Artagnan saved the Duke of Buckingham from the trap of the Cardinal. But he must now find a way to let him to escape from Paris. He will succeed with the help of Aramis.
7 D'Artagnan's move
The Duke of Buckingham succeeded in fleeing of Paris thanks to the boat of Jean and D'Artagnan. But now they have no house to sleep. Constance then proposes to them to lodge them in her father. During this time, Aramis is arrested by the guards of the Cardinal to have helped the Duke to flee.
8 Mission to save Aramis
The Cardinal of Richelieu and Rochefort find a new idea to arrest Aramis and thus to compromise the Queen. Learning by Constance that Aramis will be assassinated, D' Artagnan and Jean run to rescue her.
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9 Hadashi no Jean's mother
Milady found a new idea to separate the king Louis XIII and the queen Anne: to introduce at the king a young woman so that it falls in love from there. This young woman, called Charlotte, resembles to the mother of Jean. But is she actually?
10 In Versailles the hunting
The day of hunting in Versailles arrived. Jean and D'Artagnan hope to benefit from this occasion to try to discover if Charlotte de Beaumont is actually the mother of Jean.
11 Broken sword
The Duke of Buckingham must come officially to Paris. The Cardinal allows Rochefort kill of all the people who could ruin their plans. Rochefort thus prepares a trap in order to kill Athos. This one, seriously wounded, is helped by Artagnan which then decides to revenge his friend.
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12 Longing for a musketeer
D'Artagnan became apprentice musketeer. In the same time, the duke of Buckingham arrived in France as an ambassador. The Cardinal and Milady benefit from this occasion to tighten a new trap to him in order to compromise the Queen. But it is without counting on the intervention of D'Artagnan.
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13 Who is the spy?
The Queen suspects Constance of being a spy of the Cardinal after this one showed that he knew that she had given her diamond tags to the Duke of Buckingham. D'Artagnan and Jean will endeavour to prove the innoncence of Constance by discovering the true spy.
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14 Start from Paris
Somebody must go to take back the diamond tags of the Queen to the Duke of Buckingham which came back in London. Constance requires D'Artagnan to take care of this mission. But this last one and its friends the musketeers are permanently supervised by the spies of the Cardinal and by Milady.
15 Dangerous journey
The voyage to London started. In order to be less locatable by the guards of the Cardinal, the four musketeers separate and give each other appointment in Chantilly. Arrived there, Porthos causes a duel with a gentleman. But it is actually a trap of the Cardinal.
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16 Hurry up, D'Artagnan
The four friends have escaped from the first trap of the Cardinal. But a second awaits them and this time, Aramis is wounded. During this time, Milady decides to go to England to steal a diamond tag. Before that, she goes to Mr Bonacieux to collect new information.
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17 One for all
Aramis and D'Artagnan stopped in an inn to look after the wound of Aramis. But Rochefort and the guards of the Cardinal find them and try to catch them.
18 D'Artagnan's funeral
D'Artagnan and his friends are close to Calais. To mislead their enemies, they decide to separate. While D'Artagnan follows alone the road towards Calais, Athos, Porthos and Aramis makes believe in their prosecutors that D'Artagnan was killed while making celebrate his burial.
19 Failure to meet in harbour
D' Artagnan is stopped in Calais because he does not have the pass to go to England. Constancy and Jean, on their side, arrive to Calais to give to the musketeers the pass they stole to Milady. And Athos, Porthos and Aramis, they continue to slow down Rochefort and his men by trapping them.
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20 D'Artagnan crossed over
D'Artagnan finally could embark in Calais. He is on the way for England. During this time, Milady goes at the Duke of Buckingham in order to steal the diamond tags that the Queen gave to him.
21 Queen's diamond
Milady disguises herself to look like the Queen Anne in order to mislead the Duke of Buckingham and to steal him the diamond tags. She succeeds to conceal two of them and to escape. In order to prevent her from fleeing, the Duke gives prohibition to all the ships to leave England.
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22 Crow in London Tower
Milady is arrested and imprisoned in the London Tower. D'Artagnan comes to claim the two tags she has stolen. As he was going to succeed, a crow takes one of the tags and carries it in its nozzle.
23 Escape from London
Milady succeeds in fleeing of the London Tower by doing believe that she is dead. During this time, the Duke of Buckingham asks his goldsmith to recreate the missing tag and to go up the necklace.
24 Milady's counterattack
One more time, Milady succeeded to steal the necklace. D'Artagnan goes in pursuit of her. At the same time, in Paris, the Cardinal made kidnap Mr. Bonacieux so that he denounces his daughter Constance. The musketeers will do everything to release him.
25 Storm in Dover
D'Artagnan got back the necklace and embarks to return to France. But he does not know that Milady embarked clandestinely on his boat. In the middle of the crossing, a storm bursts.
26 Dance Party in Louvre
D'Artagnan lands in France the day of the dance party. He must arrive in Paris before the evening. Unfortunately for him, the guards of the Cardinal await him on the road. But his friends the musketeers come to help him.
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